Maizey & Meadow

Newborn Lamb & Ewe

Maizey and Meadow’s arrival was unexpected and nothing short of an amazing blessing.  We did not intend to save another sheep that day, but instead we saved a Momma and just born lamb.  It’s been magical watching the pair bond and grow together. Nothing sweeter than a mother’s love for her child.

Animals Around the Farm

The Bawk Squad & Coop

The hen house, has 1 long time rooster, Stanley.  He’s up at the crack of dawn waking up the other farm life as well as the human life.  He is definitely protective of his 4 golden girls: Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose.

Willie the Blackbelly Ram

Meet our newest resident to Maizey, Mr Willie Nelson.  He is a strong headed ram with a mischievous attitude. Let’s see what will happen next!

Duck Pond & Quackers

The duck squad is led by Donald with Daisy close behind.  April, May, June and Thelma don’t want to miss out on all the fun and follow the pack in and out of the rugged pond waters throughout the sunny days.

Tur-Duck-in Turkey Duo

Hank and Mary Jane were original residents in the hen house, but decided to move over and join the duck clan and could not be happier.  Mary Jane likes to pop in and out of the duck house and also hop over to visit with the rabbits on a daily basis. Watch out Daenerys, you have a queen popping in that may fight you for food.  

Rabbit Nest & Outdoor Enclosure

While they may not be technically married, Jon Snow and Daenerys surprised us with not 1, but 2 litters of bunnies.  Yep lots of fuzzy cuteness over here! Bronn, Jaime, Tyrion and Hodor love wrestling and playing with their father. Mom is still nursing her latest crew and will update soon on the sex outcome, hopefully before any new litters arrive.

Mini Pigs in the Hog Hideaway

Cocoa and Hazel our beloved first residents at the farm.  These little piggies have a nice outdoor area for rooting, sunbathing and some water fun.  They enjoy the outdoors during the day and retreat back inside there little cabin for night time snoozing.

The “Cow” in Black – Johnny Cash

Mr Johnny Cash arrived on site in January with his two little partners in crime, Bonnie and Clyde.  A young black angus steer, the pasture animals spend their days grazing the fields and hiding out from the sun under one of our many paddock trees.

The “Hungering” Herd – Lambs & Ewes

Reba and her daughter Dolly arrived with Loretta and her daughter Patsy on the same train in.  They immediately bonded with Johnny and crew. Now we have one big happy farm family!

Zephyrhills, FL