Welcome to Maizey Meadows, a hobby farm turned homestead. A family operation consisting of a variety of animals and livestock for the main purpose of education.

Our farm is home to animals of all shapes and sizes, rabbits in their outdoor enclosures to sheep and cow in the pastures. We hope you enjoy. Be sure to follow us on social and join our newsletter for the latest happening around the farm.

Whats New?

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Predator Proof Solar Powered Chicken Coop

Safety for our flock as far as predators and ease of maintaining the chicken coop was our 2 main objectives. The chicken run measures 8′ x 24′ with an elevated 8’x8′ coop. The unit is powered by a single 100 watt solar panel that runs through a controller to a Deep Cycle marine battery housed in the lower part of the coop. New panels and additional batteries will be added in order to provide more consistent power for the future builds in and around the chicken coop.

Predator Proof Duck & Rabbit Run Build

The structure itself measures 28′ x 20′ and is divided into 3 pens. The first pen measures 14’x 20′ and is home to our ducks and turkey. The other half has been divided into 2 paddocks allowing the separation of male & female rabbits.

Each paddock is encased in 1/2″ hardware cloth for protection from predators and is self-watering from a gravity fed watering system from an adjacent rain barrel.

Sunsets on the Farm
Small collection of images around the farm

Zephyrhills, FL