Young Poultry & Brooding

Common Turkey Breeds

Bourbon Red Turkey

Narragansett Turkey

Black Spanish Turkey

Bronze Turkey

Royal Palm Turkey

Blue Slate Turkey

**This is not a complete list of turkey breeds.

Raising a Pet Turkey

  • Turkeys are beautiful birds that can produce eggs, but not as frequent as chickens.
  • Its best to get two or more turkeys as they need the company.  
  • Turkeys can be raised to be your pets and have wonderful personalities.
  • They will need more space than chickens so keep that in mind when building a coop/run.  
  • A barn is an ideal place for them to run and fly.  Some breeds of turkeys do fly unless their wings are clipped.

Turkey Food & Starter Feed

  • If raising turkeys from poults you will need to make sure they receive room temperature water never cold water!  
  • Turkeys require a higher protein food than chickens. Chick starter is not recommended for raising young turkeys
  • You should be able to get medicated turkey starter from your local feed store or online. Use for the first 8 weeks then transition to turkey grower.      
  • Allowing your poults access to food and water 24/7 is preferred. They can eat when they are hungry.  
  • As they age they can transition to pellets as main diet.
  • Turkeys can also eat weeds, wild nuts, acorns, grass, grapes, kale, berries, and love a little oatmeal on their food.
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