So fun fact about rabbits is that they dig, and dig A LOT.  After temporarily housing our rabbits in a section of the poultry pen for a few months it was obvious to see that we needed something more capable of containing our furry friends.

Don't get us wrong, there is a bit of magic to witness rabbits grazing freely in the open field, however "re-containing" the critters can prove to be an exhausting and sometimes impossible task. (we may have had a few experiences)

DIY Outdoor Rabbit Coop
Our solution,

Measuring 15' x 20' this rabbit enclosure was designed to prevent the inevitable escape of our rabbits. featuring a dual-level coop adjoining a 7' x 10' hardware cloth enclosed run. The hardware cloth is currently exposed however we will be putting about 6" or so of earth for them to be able to limited burrowing and excavating as they love so much to do.

We will update this page, please check back soon.

Check Back Soon!

Zephyrhills, FL