Building a PVC Hoop Greenhouse - DIY Homestead

Greenhouse & Garden Build

Setup & Construction of our Greenhouse, Garden & Grape Trellis

Constructing our Greenhouse

Our greenhouse was a purchased 10′ x 12′ polycarbonate & aluminum greenhouse. Setup was really straight forward however the kit does include A LOT of bolts. It took us about 5 hours in total to setup and only because I may have jumped ahead a few times during the build and had to go back to remove a few already fastened bolts.

We purchased plastic shelves from our local hardware store and the interior of the greenhouse has plenty of room for our small garden and now equipped with an auto-watering sprinkler & misting setup our plants are much happier.

Watering Setup for Our Greenhouse

Our dual system serves both to irrigate the plants as well as mist periodically for improved humidity & temperature control.

Auto-Water Setup for our Greenhouse

Auto-Watering for Potted Plants

Misting for Humidity & Temp Control

Dual-Function Timer

We have been through our fair share of timers only to be left with a non-functioning timer in as quick as the first few months. Most cheaper automatic watering controllers simply cannot hold up to outdoor exposure. The sun in the lower states wreaks havoc on most exposed plastics relatively quickly, not only the strength of the watering housing but the LCD displays simply do not last.

Through trial and error we have had our fair share of malfunctioning watering controllers in i’m positive could be every way an automatic water controller could break.

We have had great success with the Orbit line of water controllers for various projects around the farm including the outdoor mini-pig enclosure & high tensile wire grape trellis.

Backyard Greenhouse Water Supply Tubing & Nozzles

We used both 1/2″ & 1/4″water tubing that can be picked up from your local hardware store or ordered online. In addition control flow drip irrigation nozzels, 1/2″ tubing end caps, pressure regulators for either drip irrigation or higher pressure misting applications hose adapters and line splitters were also required.