The rabbits have now been moved into their new permanent housing. A dual level coop and hardware clothed enclosure.

The structure itself measures 28′ x 20′ and is divided into 3 pens. The first pen will measure 14’x 20′ and will house the ducks as well as additional chickens. The other half will be divided into 2 paddocks allowing the separation of male & female rabbits.

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.

James Whitcomb Riley

The duck an rabbit enclosure has been modeled a lot after the same concepts as the solar powered chicken coop. Both structures are built to be powered completely off-grid utilizing a bank of 100w solar panels and deep cycle marine batteries.

Predator Proofing the Duck & Rabbit Enlosure

The entire structure is secured using 1/2″ hardware cloth to ensure the safety of our animals within the duck & rabbit enclosure

Auto Watering System for Ducks & Rabbits

We used a predator-proof-garbage to hold the water that feeds all the animal watering stations throughout the enclosure.

Solar Powered Lighting

The motion activated solar lights we used work surprisingly well illuminating the entire perimeter and interior of the pens at night.

The Duck Pond & Filtration

Our enclosed duck pond measures approx. 10′ x 6′ with a depth of 3′. After only a week of the ducks in the pond we started to notice the “duck smell” so we added a new filtration system that will hopefully allow us to maintain the water parameters a little more closely.

After a couple attempts to resolve the water issue, we have upgraded to a slightly easier system to maintain.

We used 1.5″ pond water tubing for the install to help reduced any chance of build up and to ease flow. The return pump is encased in DIY Filter sleeve made up of a plastic pond planter and some clay media we had laying around.

This combination will hopefully enable us to easily flush the system to clean out the gunk and provide a better quality of water for the ducks.

Predator Proof Duck Pond & Rabbit Enclosure

Zephyrhills, FL