Building a predator proof Duck Enclosure & Coop

Duck Pond & Coop Outdoor Enclosure

I’ve always had a duck personality. Calm above water, feet going crazy below.

~ K. Flay
Predator Proof Outdoor Duck & Rabbit Pen

The Build: Predator Proof Duck & Rabbit Enclosure

1/2″ Hardware cloth completely encapsulates the 3-pen 28′ x 20′ duck and rabbit enclosure. The duck pen measures approx. 14′ x 20′ with a 4′ tall dividing wall.

The enclosure houses both rabbits turkeys & ducks at the moment but could be easily converted for different animal needs.

Easy Clean Baby Duckling Elevated Brooder Setup

Baby Ducklings in the Brooder

Simply put, Ducks are messy and we have tried many ways to maintain a clean environment for raising baby ducklings. They splash constantly and any water in a dish will soon be all over the floor of the brooder.

After many revisions we are happy with our current setup for brooding ducklings. Literally built from the remaining scrap from our previous projects. 1/2″ hardware cloth encloses the entire brooder with a water catch pan to reduce the mess duck make just by being ducks.

Duck Cameras

Want live access to animal cameras? Let us know below. If we have enough interest we’ll setup some live feeds to share!

A few images of our Duck Pond Enclosure